Marko Petričić

Organist, Bayanist

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Smålands Posten, 4 August 2003
(Regional newspaper)

Brilliant Gypsy Music at the House of Emigrants

A Frenchman and a Yugoslav living in the US played gypsy music from the Balkans for Swedish listeners. What an incredible cultural mixture! Pure ‘Multi-kulti’ that would have delighted Integration Minister Mona Salin.

Two young and extremely talented musicians with a classical education in their background performed on Saturday evening in the House of Emigrants.

One of them, Mathieu Névéol, played the violin, and the other, Marko Petričić, took charge of the accordion.
They are virtuosos in their essence that succeeded in waking to life authentic, if somewhat stylized, dances and songs taken from the Balkan lands’ rich folklore.

They played, among other things, Bulgarian dances, whose ‘blended rhythms’ (2+2+3+2+2) transported one to thoughts of typical ‘ganka’ rhythms.

The renowned gypsy musician Grigoras Dinicus’s ‘Hora staccato’ was performed with profound feeling for the Romanian temperament.

There are, by the way, not many violinists able to imitate various bird songs with the same technical virtuosity for which Mathieu Névéol is known.

Sentimental Hungarian ballads with glissandos and vibrato effects reminded one of those small, smoky inns in the Hungarian countryside, where the aroma of apricot schnapps fills the air.

Among the most memorable works were Johannes Brahms’s ‘Hungarian Dance,’ a soulful ‘Russian Folksong’ with interesting balaljka imitations, Vittorio Montis’s romantic ‘Csardas,’ the Russian folksong ‘Black Eyes,’ played with the appropriate melancholy, along with other ‘tug-at-your-heartstrings’ melodies.

These two technically brilliant, spirited, and sensitive soloists succeeded in offering a concert far beyond the ordinary.